In the city of Sheffield, there are many different events that can be found.

One event in particular is the annual festival in Sheffield called “Atoms for Peace”. This festival aims to foster a connection between science and society. There are many different presentations and discussions going on at this event. One of the discussions was about sport in collaboration with Sports Reserves South Yorkshire (SRYS). Another presentation talked about how developments in STEM affect our society for example, spaghetti computer chips or self-driving cars.

The two main development in Sheffield are the The University of Sheffield and the National Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (NCASA). The University of Sheffield is located in both city centre and outlying areas. There are about 18,000 students studying there. This university has a lot to offer to students, with over 30 research departments and many sporting facilities. Unlike The University of Sheffield, NCASA is more focused on science, technology engineering and maths.

The university is based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham which was created by its founders for this reason. It has three research groups that all focus on different aspects of the STEM subjects – Semiconductor Research Group (SRG), Aerospace Engineering Research Group (ARG) and Virtual Reality Technologies Research Group (VRTRG).

It is one of the most successful European regions for technological innovation. It has a long history of major developments in science, technology engineering and maths. It also has world class research centres that are leading the way in pioneering new technologies.

This region has developed an advanced infrastructure with good transport links to the rest of the UK and Europe, making it a great location for international businesses to grow their markets. Sheffield is also home to many well performing businesses including Novae Group, who are leaders in salesforce automation software.

The city offers a strong talent pool, with nearly 1 in 10 people working in STEM related jobs which includes computing, engineering and other areas that require high levels of technical skills.

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The development of science, technology engineering and maths in the Sheffield region has changed dramatically over the past thirty years.

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With the developments of STEM in Sheffield, it is not hard to find sports facilities. There are also plenty of bookable event venues for large-scale events.

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The city council is currently looking for ways to encourage more STEM development initiatives in Sheffield so that science can thrive here as well as contribute to the economy.

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